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DIMORFIA were born in 2008 by Kimon Pantelidakis (guitar), Kleo Xenitidis (bass), Natassa Pandreia (vocals) and John Almalis (drums). In late 2010 Bill Panagiotopoulos (guitar) joined the band. In 2012 Dimorfia completed the recordings of their debut promotional demo named `PERFECT SOUND METAL` that contains 4 songs. In this whole period DIMORFIA played at many local live events gaining the respect of the heavy metal audience. In the summer of 2011 DIMORFIA finished in the 3rd place of the Principal Club Theater’s competition for the opening band of Sanctuary’s concert in Thessaloniki, collecting more than 1200 votes! On March 2012 the cooperation with the drummer John came to an end and George Baltas (Mother Turtle,ex-Emerald Sun) took his place behind the drums. Finally, on September 2013 Natasa and Bill,due to personal reasons, abandoned Dimorfia, giving way to Maria Loti (vocals) and Nick Giogas (guitars) to join the band. The line up completed with Stathis Xatzioannidis (Πράσσειν άλογα) on keyboards. From that time Dimorfia united their different influences in music and the sound of the band changed a lot. DIMORFIA started the hard work and after a lot of music experimentations they composed their first album called Utopia that released on May 2017!

Stay Metal!!! \m/ \m/ \m/


Maria Loti / Lead Vocals

Kimon Pantelidakis / Guitars

Nick Giogas / Guitars

Kleo Xenitidis / Bass

Stathis X / Keys

George Baltas / Drums and Vocals



EMAIL: dimorfiaband17@gmail.com