Infected - Themis Giannopoulos


Infected Minds is a progressive rock band from Greece which took its first steps into the world of music in 2012 with main goal the composition of its own songs. With female vocals at the front line and with many different influences and ideas, the band aims at creating a unique music material through hybrid combination of many musical genres. In 2015, the band released their first demo "Unravel your living", which is available at the band's YouTube channel, as well as many videos from the band's live appearances so far. The band is composed by: Katerina Kehagia (vocals), Victor Mastela (guitar), Alexandros Karlos (drums) and Angel Pearl (bass).


Katerina Kehagia - Lead Vocals

Victor Mastela - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Alexandros Karlos - Drums

Angel Pearl - Bass




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